About me…

I have been fortunate enough to move with my family in the past 20 years. I have been collecting ambiances, architectural details and social customs that characterise each place: New York, Texas, France,California, Hawaï, Cairo, Baku, and now Prague.

  • I connect my work with my living experiences, capturing snapshots of customs and cultures that I translate in mosaics of sketches and daily drawings.
  • In my art, newspapers serve as a reference for each place: specific styles and shapes of letters frame the scene, playing a big part in the final layout by characterising the piece.
  • Imperceptible local influences such as surroundings, light, architecture and social customs influence my work.
  • My work is a combination of free hand drawing and collage on printed support.
  • Now, I experiment with daily hand drawings using pen and water colours to give life to my little character, Joséphine, and her cat, Oliver. She is a little me, going everywhere I go and transporting her french touch around her everyday crazy life style…
  • I encourage you to get inside each box, to explore and discover the details of my artwork!